Topographic Services

Plenty of notarial, legal, urban planning matters request an accurate site plan or topographic study.

Surveying studies are commonly requested for :
• Property contracts & land deed verification
• Private Urban Planning
• Publication of building permits
• Determination of lines of seashore and beach
• Characterization from the office of Land & Forest management
• Marking plots of land on the ground
• Mapping out urban building lines
• Boundary marking on the ground of building foundations
• Separation – Segmentation of Properties in smaller parts. Parallel study of road construction combined with the segmentation of properties
• Architectural surveying: Ground plans, aspects of buildings and other constructions. Depiction/ Interpretation of digital models of the ground

By using high precision equipment (GPS satellite receiver, geodetic laser station) our experienced partners syntax surveying studies for land and plots within and outside the city limits, for existing structures, partitions, land boundaries, alignments and more.

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