Pre-Purchase Property Check

This package contains all necessary controls which should be taken into account to ensure that the property you buy will be in all respects “ok”. Obviously, there are different controls required for land and others for existing buildings.

In Land Purchase
• Research and land assessment
• Constructability inspection
• Land use and building regulations checking
• Illegal building existence inspection
• Checking of other existing data and restriction per case

If you buy a plot and want to build, we can develop together the best solution in terms of function and aesthetics (see here our design and construction services for new buildings).

In Building Purchase
• Plot Data Control
• Technical inspection of construction
• Illegal building existence checking
• Quality assessment of the bearing building structure
• Technical equipment condition assessment
• Check building expandability
• Check other existing data and restrictions per case

We can provide technical upgrading and renovation services for existing buildings. (see here illustrative services for existing buildings).

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