Declaration of Legality of Property Status

According to the Greek Law No. 4178/2013 effective as of August 2013 and up to February 8, 2016, one cannot sell, transfer, rent or mortgage property that is illegal in structure or use.
This Law, grants a property owner with violations to legalize for 30 years their illegal structures which have been completed before the 28.07.2011, by filing a declaration paying either a lump-sum with a benefit discount or interest free installments.
In addition, the newly voted Law allows owners the option to benefit 50% of the total fine to be paid, should they decide to invest in the energy efficiency upgrading or the structural reinforcement of their building.

Illegal structures that can be declared:
• properties built without building permit
• buildings and extensions on existing buildings that do not comply in dimensions and use or are situated differently on site than indicated on the authorized building drawings and license
• buildings and landscape structures such as swimming pools, pergolas and canopies without a building license
• enclosed balconies and verandas, roofed terraces, garages, attics and basements converted into living space

Our office undertakes the process of declaration of legality of property status in accordance with the Law N4178/2013. Fees for each declaration and completion of final documentation/property portfolio differ depending on the nature, size and complicity of each structure.

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