Building Electronic ID

The Building Electronic ID includes data such as the issued building permit, the approved blueprints of the license project, the energy performance certificate, electromechanical studies, videos of the building spaces and facilities and the certificate of the building identity.

According to Article 4 of N.3843/2010 for all buildings is compulsory to submit the Building Electronic ID which includes the following data:
• the issued building permit, endorsed by the competent authority
• the blueprints of the license project
• the Energy Performance Certificate of building or individual property
• the revised floor plans (as build drawings)
• the inspection form for the architectural design of the building
• the inspection form for the structural design of the building
• the inspection form for the electromechanical installations of the building
• the video showing the spaces and facilities of the building
• the completion of Building Electronic ID form.

The Electronic Building ID describes the “as-built status” of property, what has been built on-site in terms of dimensions, area surface and use of buildings. Responsible for completing and issuing of the Building Electronic ID is authorized engineers.
Once completed and implemented, The Electronic Building ID will be the key tool in the Greek Real Estate Market providing detailed information for all registered property. Property transactions and title searches will be simpler, faster and most importantly more transparent.

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