Issuance of Special Permits

In many cases, for renovation and/or change in layout, decoration or use of existing spaces it is required the issuance of several special permits.
Our office examines each case individually and can deliver a wide range of special permits, one may need for the operation of various businesses or in order to perform any construction work on existing buildings

Business License
In many cases, for business licensing of commercial facilities (restaurants, cafes, bakeries, pharmacies etc.), garages, parking lots, crafts, etc. industries, it is needed the specialists assistance for implementing specifications and regulations, judicial review, certificates and approvals issuing, technical reports, electromechanical studies, etc.
Our office issues all the necessary documents, permits and approvals requested by the competent authorities on behalf of the applicant.

Change of Use Permit
Change of Use Permit is required when changes the use of a space (eg when changing a resdential space into a commercial space). Depending on the case, there are submitted studies and documents, at the competent authority.

Approval for Small Scale Construction Works
Plenty of construction work at existing buildings do not need building permit (άδεια δόμησης), Instead, they follow a different procedure, the Approval for Small Scale Construction Works. The process is quick and simple, since very little documentation and approvals are required.

48-hour Notification
Another work category for which building permit is not required are construction works which only require a written notification to the municipality 48 hours before construction starts.

Contact us, give us the characteristics of the project that interests you and we will send you a financial offer for the total cost of the desired services.

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