Interior Decoration and Layout Studies

The space we move, work and live in, can be easily transformed into a modern and highly functional living space, giving positive energy and harmony in our lives. Especially for the working spaces, the proper layout and decoration can boost employees’ performance and attractiveness for the company’s customers.
Studying the requirements of each space and taking into account the preferences of our clients, we recommend solutions to suit their needs and personal taste.

A key criterion of our the interior design philosophy is modern style and use of materials and colors that enhance the space. We design special structures (wood, glass, inox, corian, plexi-glass, etc.) aiming for aesthetic unity and functionality of spaces.

The study of alternative scenarios or proposals is usually presented to our clients in three-dimensional images, in order to give them an overall view of the proposal, to ease the understanding of the morphology, design and functionality of the spaces, so they choose what covers in the best way all their personal needs.

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