Energy Efficiency Upgrade

Energy efficiency upgrading of existing buildings gives one the opportunity to save important amount of required energy for heating and cooling and to improve the thermal comfort conditions within it.
Changing the heating or cooling systems is insufficient to solve the problem of energy consumption. Optimal saving is achieved by improving the housing shell and use of RES (solar thermal, heat pumps, photovoltaic panels).

The key interventions recommended in energy upgrading of existing buildings are:
• External or internal insulation
• Roof insulation
• Roof waterproofing
• Heating systems upgrade
• Installation of solar thermal systems
• Installation of photovoltaic systems

Our office, in cooperation with experienced engineers and partners, undertakes the design and construction of all the necessary operations on the energy upgrade and maximum energy saving in your building. Methods and materials choice fully meets the requirements and problems of each building.

Take advantage of the program Εξοικονόμηση κατ’ οίκον to subsidize your building energy upgrades.

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