interior design

Our office is specialized in renovation, decoration and interior design for existing residential and commercial buildings.
Willing to create unique spaces, we focus on our clients’ needs. We propose original design, aiming for aesthetic unity and functionality.
Our priority is to achieve and provide a fine-quality design and construction, using economic solutions adapted to contemporary circumstances. We propose and implement improvements in the energy efficiency of existing buildings and undertake their accession in the program “Εξοικονόμηση κατ’ οίκον”.

Typical services for existing buildings:
Interior Design (Decoration and Layout Sudies)
Specialists’ Design / Object Design
Issuance of Special Permits
Energy Efficiency Upgrade
Program “Εξοικονόμηση κατ’ οίκον”
Renovation and/or Execution of Decoration Projects
Building Management and Maintenance

Contact us, give us the characteristics of the project that interests you and we will send you a financial offer for the desired services.

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