Building Permit Issuance

The building permit (άδεια δόμησης) is required for the initiation and execution of all kinds of construction work.

According to the N4030/11 the building permit is divided into two phases: the initial permit/approval and the building permit.

The initial approval is the certification of a building right in accordance with the terms of law. It allows the future issuance of building permit. This permit does not allow the builder to start construction. The permit is valid for one year, during which the builder must submit detailed engineering drawings.

The building permit is the authorization for the execution of construction works that are fully described in the design project, in accordance with applicable regulations.

Our office undertakes to collect all the required documents (studies, approvals etc) and to complete the necessary procedures in order to issue any building permit.
The cost of a building permit depends on the type and size of the building, but also the nature of work to be done. It includes: engineers’ remuneration for the studies (concept and developed design), supervision and municipality taxes.

If you are interested in the cost of building permit issuing, please contact us, give us the characteristics of the project that interests you and we will send you a financial offer and further information about our services.

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